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Thread: gladiator towne/arena

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    Default gladiator towne/arena

    could you create a 1v1 king of the ring type arena/towne EVENT where all players can either join watch or fight .

    similar to festerfang outpost , put a gladiator arena in the middle of towne . but all spectators wont be allowed to enter the ring .

    have an NPC on map which will enable you to join the queue to start the face off . if the arena is vacant (nobody fighting) which will hardly be ever , the first 2 players to join queue will now start a small timer before initiating a battle which they will then be teleported into the middle of the ring .

    players to fight next will be in order of who joined queue first .

    lets say Megatron vs Cinco , the player to kill the other player "ONCE" only , will now start go on to fight the next player in queue . and so forth . the loser will be sent outside of the ring back with all the other players .

    the player with the most win streak at the end of the 1-2 week event . will get the king of the ring badge and title to use for the remainder of that season.

    obviously there will be limitations on gear , maybe honor sets only .

    hmmm thoughts?

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