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Thread: Request for Daring/android gems return

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    Default Request for Daring/android gems return

    Hi, tysm for the return of arcanes and for the superbly designed new items that recently brought a great fresh air to the game, as needed. As players suggested previously in threads during dark sacrament, I would like to request the return of daring/android gems, as a daily deal or even as a drop, in next event. Could you please bring back daring and android gems so that they can offer roughly the same base stats to most players for gameplay in PvE/PvP ? (The thing is players who have those gems hoard them very big time or ask for loads of items, as the gems offer them an unfair advantage over the rest).
    Those gems haven't returned since years and have almost disappeared from circulation, please bring back daring and android gems so they don't remain exclusive to a very small group of players taking advantage of the rest.
    Thank you in advance

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