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Thread: Recovering a 5 years old account.

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    Default Recovering a 5 years old account.

    Do you guys think I'll be able to recover a 5 old rogue account I had when I was 11y, I'm not the owner of the Gmail but I can provide videos of my ownership, I have a video recorded on eggzavier event and also know the password of the account. What's stopping me from logging is the authorization, since I don't own the Gmail account.

    The Gmail account comes from my name and surname and I have my ID to proof it, would I be able to recover it? It hasn't been active since 5 years since I quitted for a couple of month then the authorization thing got added.

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    Contact support they can definitely help you with getting your account back , just explain to them your situation and they'll reply in few days or whenever they can

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