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Thread: lvl10-20 pvp lovers "expert" guild here you ask I give u answers!!!!

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    Default THE ULTIMATE LVL 20 BIRD GUIDE. after nerf updated

    Hello, Community and today, I have a very special surprise for you! :P It's my bird guide! Most of the guides you search up on L16/L18/L20 Bird are outdated now, since the bird fall. I mean, older birds quit because of the impact this had. Now, you're probably not going to get a game with a bird in it 10-20. Many other birds still active (Explain, Ambulances, Soundset, Farwhal, etc.) continue to try persuading other people to join the L10-20 Bird Community, which is rather small, but with determination, we can bring it back!

    Hold on tight, please, because this is one descriptive, yet powerful guide. (Not trying to brag.)

    I: Build
    II: Critical Power; Tips
    III: Q&A

    I: Build
    6 Focus 6 Break 3 Shattering 1 Repulse 1 Blast 1 Root 1 Blind This is my nuke build as a 20 Bird. Normally, I use L20 Sniper/Jewel Thief Helmet, L15 Expert, L20 Sniper/Jewel Talon, L20 Huntress Shield, L20 67 Dex Crit/Damage ring. It would be extremely vital to use this setup against Bear because of talon + huntress extra Hit % (shields HS, Light, Blind, etc. effects). You can swap talon + huntress shield for Forgotten Bow.

    3 Focus 5 Evade 1 Break 1 Shattering 3 Repulse 4 Blast 1 Root 1 Blind This is my sustain build. It is a very viable build because kite is ensured with 3 Repulse, and maximal damage is ensured with 4 Blast. Use the same loadout as above, but sometimes, when you're fighting Forgotten Bow Bear/Mage/Rhino, Armsan or Artisan will work.

    1 Focus 5 Evade 1 Break 1 Shattering 3 Repulse 6 Blast 1 Root 1 Blind This is quite not that different from the sustain build, but it adds more damage output than crit chance output. Use same loadout on both builds above.

    II: Critical Power; Tips

    Soundset's Tips!
    Soundset On Bears:"Kite. Practice applying the range of your skills."
    Soundset On Mages:"Depends on the Mage. Spread out your skills and damage. Wait for heal to come out and then nuke."

    Shivkabob Tips! (me ofc -_-)
    Shivkabob On Bears:"Kite is very vital. Use maximal range on your shots, and practice using your eyes to see an obvious attempt of juke."
    Shivkabob On Birds:"This is the only thing pretty much of duel that you go up close on. Neatly (lel) plant down Break-BackOff-Blind-Root-Shat-Blast, repeat and rinse off your enemy.
    Shivakbob On Foxes:"This is very much like Bear, but the VERY vital thing here (I mean very) is dodge. L5 Forged Armsman is the best in this job, along with Dodge/Armor ring.
    Shivkabob On Rhinos:"Use bird tip and equip Forged Armsman with Dodge/Armor ring.

    Critical! RANGE:
    -All your shots are 12m. (If you miss Repulse, you're done, unless you can walk out the cooldown on it.)
    -Root is 10m. (If you waste Repulse and miss Root, you're done IMMEDIATELY. If you miss Root, and got Repulse, you're fine for a while.)
    -Shattering is 8m.

    Bear: Repulse-Run-Root-Blind-Shat-Blast-Repeat and Rinse Off Your Enemy
    Foxes: ^
    Birds: Blind-Break-Root-Shat-Blast-Repulse-Run and Wait for Cooldowns
    Mages:^ for nuke. Sustain: Blind-Repulse-AutoUntilHeal-ComeInRoot-Break-Shat-Blast-IfBlind+RepulseUpThenUse-Repeat

    III: Q&A

    Q: Shiv, is it true that your guide sucks?
    A: Idk. It's based on your opinion, please.

    Q: What if you duel a L22 Bear?
    A: I wouldn't recommend it, although you can deal at least 3/4 tops until you get killed off by Beck-HS-Slash-Stomp.

    Q: HS is so hard for me to counter. Help?
    A: I would recommend you maximize your knowledge on range. Repulse has a longer range than HS, so use it at full capicity. If you miss, walk it out, or try to counter HS with Root.

    Q: Why not 6 Blind? (Fear)
    A: 6 Blind is not a priority, because yes, the damage is huge, but I just don't prefer it over upgraded skills such as 3 Repulse (Extra Knockback) and buffs. If Blind is such as prioritized usage, I suppose 3 Focus 5 Evade 6 Blind 1 Root 1 Shatt 3 Blast.

    Thank you for sticking with me! <3 Try to improve me by sending criticises and help for Q&A!

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    Woooot. Copy and paste for moar thanks and moar thanks.

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    @dudetus lmao

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