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    Default 23 Bear

    Looking for a build for a 23 bear with str plat pack

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    Str Bear?!

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    My 22 bear is a str bear. It's rather hard (because lack of skill points to cover dodge buff/armor buffs, just debuffs for me) unless you use corners (Then you can get your debuffs on and destroy). Tank rhinos generally stand no chance against me unless they run away. I am the Bearkabob! MUAHAHAH!

    My build is:

    5 rage
    4 beckon
    4 Hellscream
    4 Crushing Blow
    2 Stomp
    1 Super Mega Slash
    1 Crippling Slash

    Against other bears, I use hellscream when I get close enough, then beckon so they won't send you flying and you take them with you, crippling, scream, crushing, stomp, sms, then try repeating or staying in melee range. If you don't get your debuffs in, you're finished.

    Against birds, it's beckon, hellscream, crushing, crippling, stomp, sms OR hellscream, beckon, crippling, crushing, stomp, sms. STAY IN MELEE RANGE!

    Against mages.. Well they're a bit too hard because they can heal HS. I can generally beat them using trees/corners.

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