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Thread: More item drops, not chest drops?

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    Lightbulb More item drops, not chest drops?

    Maybe this should go into tips and suggestions , but i'd thought i just post it here.

    O.K., I know a lot of people who love chests, love to farm em, and love to open or sell them. I to some extent like em too.

    But after farming elite guys over and over I noticed when an item drops, 99.724598238429384293% of the time, it's rare or epic, and if items drop at all.

    Sooo, I'm thinkin' that if there were more item drops, and/or higher probability of a good item for the item drops, it would be cool.

    Cuz, atm chests drop and you gotta open em and usually are rates (that's fine), but if there were more item drops, and less chests drops, it would be cool.

    Especially if the good item drops drop more frequently.

    KK, don't hate meh for my opinion.. lol

    What are your guys' suggestions??

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    Problem is the items will become worthless if the drops are higher. You'll be all happy you got a pink until you go to sell it and realize that it's worth 500 gold.

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    Exactly what happened in Alien Oasis in PL. pinks drop so much, so they're not expensive. Youre lucky if you get to sell it for 3k.

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    I say keep the drop rate of what you get from chests and make it into drops also. Wait.they did, you get pink drops from elite and.chests
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