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    Default Battle for Nordr Expansion Coming to Arcane Legends in Late April

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    Battle For Nordr

    The next expansion for Arcane Legends is coming in Late April!

    Nordr, the frozen north, is the homeland of the Warrior and his ancestor, the legendary hero Uller. Uller and his companions Himingleva and Vili saved Arlor from a great evil 100 years ago. After discovering the defiled tomb of Himingleva as the source of an artifact that allowed Captain Bloodhammer to wreck havoc on the Kraken Isles, attention turns toward the north and Uller’s burial tomb, deep beneath the Stronghold of Nordr.

    Legend goes that Gleipnir, an ancient device created to lock out a great evil, was shattered in to three pieces and each shard was granted to one of the three heroes. That way if the doorway to the ancient evil needed to be unlocked, it had to be a decision made by the three heroes together. That time is long since past, but the power of the three shards of Gleipnir has not waned.

    Prepare to journey to Nordr and for the epic battle to be found there!

    The Battle for Nordr Features:

    • Expands the level cap five levels to 31
    • New Nordr adventure areas to explore
    • New quests and content that reveal the story of Nordr, the Warrior homeland
    • An Arcane Warrior Weapon
    • Mythic rarity Chest Armor for all classes
    • New monsters to fight
    • New items and pets to collect
    • ...and much more!

    The recently released Glacian the Ice Elemental pet is an indication of what awaits in the frozen land of Nordr.

    Over the coming weeks, we will reveal additional details of the Battle for Nordr expansion. Check back to the Official Arcane Legends Announcement Forum regularly to read updates!


    March 29th Spacetime Insiders - Environment Screenshots: Check out a few early screenshots from one of the frosty blue environments of Nordr. Click here to view.

    April 4th New Store and Crate Gear - New Nordic Gear: Take a look at the new "Nordic" looking Armor and Weapons that herald the coming Battle for Nordr! Click here to view.

    April 5th First look at the Arcane Warrior Hammer - Warrior vs. Ice Golem: A quick screenshot of the coming Arcane Warrior 2-H Hammer! Click here to view.

    April 9th Sneak Peek at the Battle for Nordr - More screenshots from the Battle for Nordr: Take a look at the early parts of the expansion. Click here to view.

    April 12th New Pets coming in the Battle for Nordr - The Eagle and the Wolf: There will be a variety of new Eagle and Wolf pets included in the Battle for Nordr expansion! Click here to view.

    April 15th Battle for Nordr launching - Get ready to fight the 3 headed Ice Giant!: The Battle for Nordr expansion is poised to launch later this week! Click here to view.
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