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    Exclamation Warning: Do Not Try to Buy Items or Gold for Real World Cash. You'll Only Get Scammed

    I want to repost a recent Private Message I received (with names removed):

    Hi Sam, firstly I would like to say how much I enjoy playing this game! You guys are doing an excellent job.

    Unfortuately, I've enjoyed it a little too much to the point that I actually went against the rules and tried to take my luck into my own hands. Today I sent a significant amount of cash over western union to a player named <removed> for the "Arcane Hooks" and you can probably guess what happened afterwards.

    I have all the private messages and the western union documentation on hand as evidence if you need it and I know that it was stupidity on my part to have went through with the transaction.

    I'm sure that there's not much that can be done for me and it's a hard lesson learned in MMORPGs. I was really just hoping that either you or someone in STS could warn others of this particular player and the scam that he's running to prevent future incidents.

    Sorry for the long read.
    While the person doing the scamming will likely lose access to our games, they still have taken off with this player's cash. Don't let this happen to you.

    Purchasing Gold or Items for real world cash is not only against the Terms of Service, but you open yourself up to be scammed, receive nothing for your cash and risk your account to be hacked, stolen or closed. Please heed this warning and don't do it. Thanks!
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