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    Default Community Stuff

    A collection of the various projects, games, events and other community activities that I'm involved in. I had to make this thread because I couldn't get all the links to fit in my signature.

    Blackstar Chronicles Novelization
    If you like Star Legends, you'll probably like this novelization of the game. The year is 2368. Vance Dawes is a mercenary, living and working on the frontier of United Colonial space. He'd expected to spend his time fighting off Vular, fighting in some corporate power struggle, and maybe backing up the Marines every once in a while. But after his first job, he started to suspect he'd gotten involved in something much bigger.
    I would appreciate any feedback you can give me, good or bad. Feel free to be as critical as you want, you're not going to crush my hopes and dreams and make me stop writing by pointing out errors. Unless you're one of the Devs with a Cease-and-desist letter. That might do some damage.
    Happy Reading!

    Figment Link:
    FanFiction.Net Link:
    Main Thread:

    Blackstar Chronicles Lore
    Devoted to collecting, displaying, and analyzing the Star Legends Universe. A must have resource for anyone interested in writing or who wants to know more about this amazing game.


    STS Brikwars
    STS Brikwars is an upcoming forum game system based on the Lego tabletop wargame Brikwars. Interested players can battle their way through a series of Dungeons and maps in short mini-campaigns, or perhaps embark on a longer, more conventional RPG experience.


    My Characters:

    PL: Battlegrinder (lvl 60 STR Mage), Battleslicer (lvl 25 Paladin), Battleflames (lvl 35 Int Bear) Fortunebank (lvl 33 Warrior)
    SL: Battlegrinder (lvl 46 Commando), Fortunebank (lvl 6 Operative)
    AL: Battlegrinder (lvl 14 Rogue)
    DL: Battlegrinder (lvl 18)
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