02-09-2005 01:00 PM First 1v1 AL Tournament

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32 Player Single Elimination Tournament - Awaiting Players

First AL 1v1 PvP Tournament

The time has come to sharpen your swords, string your bows and clean your rifles. It is finally time to show who you are and how good you really are. It is time to find out who is the best of the best in pvp. No more hiding behind warriors and waiting for mages to mana heal you. It is time for a 1v1 Tournament!

For more details and applications please see the forum post: here

This page I will use for the purpose of posting and updating brackets. Expect the brackets to go live one hour before the start of the event. Please direct all questions, comments and entries to the forum post mentioned above.

All entries are to be done through the forum post, please do not enter yourself here for now. Sorry for the complications, I just want to make it clear who came first

Tournament Details

Type Single Elimination
Status Awaiting Players
Free Slots 11
Total Slots 32
Created 02-05-2013 07:18 PM
Created By Genuinous
Views 1273
Comments 1

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