02-06-2011 07:00 PM The Community Guild’s Valentine's Day Clash!

32 Player Single Elimination Tournament - Finished


The Community Guild’s Valentine’s Day Clash!

Banner Credits: Vildax

No of Players: 32
Type: Single Elimination


Character Level: 75-76
PvP Map: “Forest Fight”

<The Community Guild> is hosting a 1v1 PvP tournament in Pocket Legends! There are only 32 spots available so be sure to sign up soon! After 32 people have signed up, participants will be randomly assigned to opponents. The tournament will commence as soon as 32 individuals have signed up.

How to Enter:

Sign up by clicking "Join Tournament" at the top right of this page and also post your IGN and class in this thread. You must do both to be a part of this tournament. Note: You cannot join using the mobile app. You have to be on a desktop computer/laptop or use your mobile browser (after clicking view full site). See the screenshots below for clarification.


By signing up, you agree to all rules of the contest.

1) Keep it civil. Rudeness and vulgarities will not be tolerated.
2) After signing up, (and after participants have been randomly paired) you will need to contact the person you will be dueling against to discuss the best times when you both can play your match.
3) Beginning the match before both sides are accounted for and agree to go will void the match.
4) Games must have a password that is agreed by both parties.
5) All matches must be completed and reported within 3 days of the round's starting date. For example, if round one starts on the morning of February 10, 2014 (Pacific Standard Time), all round one matches need to be finished and reported on or before 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time on February 12, 2014. No-shows will result in a forfeit. Note: If one party cannot be reached after this time frame (3 days) has passed, the other party will automatically go to the next round. If both parties cannot be reached, one party will be randomly moved to the next round.
6) Only level 75/76 characters may be used.
7) Quitting an official match once it has started will result in a forfeit, thus a loss for that match.
8) Leaving an official match to avoid a death or to refresh your hp/mana is NOT permitted and will result in a disqualification.
9) All matches must be played in the map “Forest Fight”
10) It will be your responsibility to organize/find and execute matches.
11) Any exploitation of ANY known or unknown cheat, hack, glitch, or bug will result in immediate disqualification of this PvP tournament, ineligibility to participate in future events hosted by TCG and may be subject to a ban. TCG reserves the right to disqualify any participant for suspicious and/or disruptive activity.
12) The use of macros (chrome) are not allowed. You may use a computer to participate in the contest though.
13) Allowing anyone else to play on your account during an official match is strictly prohibited and against the Terms of Service. Any person found playing for someone else will be disqualified and not eligible to participate in any future events hosted by TCG and may result in a ban.
14) You must stick with the same character throughout the tournament. For example: if you are a mage in round one, you must remain using the same mage throughout your participation of the contest. Class hopping (changing classes/toons) will result in a disqualification.
15) You may not respec your character during a battle.
16) There are no rematches.
17) You must kill your opponent 5 times and submit the number of your kills by taking a screenshot (and posting it in this thread), to show you won and to move onto the next round. The screenshot must contain the following elements:

A. Your IGN
B. Your opponent's IGN
C. The score

Please ensure you are using a device that can take screenshots. No other form of reporting a won battle will be valid. If you do not take a screenshot showing the number of your kills and post it here, that match will not be valid.
*Screenshot information can be found here:

See something? Say something! If you see anyone breaking the contest rules or cannot contact your opponent, please screenshot (if applicable) it and PM "Bilaxman".


1st: 150 Platinum + Your choice of one (1) Valentine's Day themed vanity*
2nd (Finalist): 100 Platinum + Your choice of one (1) Valentine's Day themed vanity*
3rd (Semi Finalists): 50 Platinum + Your choice of one (1) Valentine's Day themed vanity*

* Valentine's Day themed vanities will be the ones based off of the ones sold in the 2014 Platinum Store. They include:

Big Love 2014
Heart Beatz 2014
Valentine's Balloon 2014
Wall of Love
Valentine's Day Bouquet

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Are Founders Helms allowed in the tournament?
A: Yes

Q: Are forgotten items (bows, staffs etc) allowed in the tournament?
A: Yes

Q: What types of build or classes are allowed for this tournament?
A: All classes, builds, and types are allowed. Note: Once you have entered as a specific character, you may not change characters for this tournament.

Q: Is rushing allowed?
A: Once both sides are accounted for and agree to start, rushing is allowed from then on. Note: You must initially start the battle with a "go".

Q: Are Halloween items (Chunkers, paws etc.) allowed?
A: Yes

Q: Can we use 2 or 3 piece elite rings?
A: Yes

Q: Can we use dragon rings?
A: Yes

Tournament Details

Type Single Elimination
Status Finished
Free Slots 0
Total Slots 32
Created 02-07-2014 06:22 PM
Created By Bilaxman
Views 480
Comments 6

Tournament Thread Replies

  1. Bilaxman
    List of Participants:

    1. Forum Name: hontot IGN: mycocobear Class: Bear
    2. Forum Name: Cheenivie IGN: Cheenivie Class: Bear
    3. Forum Name: Kiwihawk IGN: Kiwihawk Class: Bear
    4. Forum Name: Ucapes IGN: Ucapes Class: Bear
    5. Forum Name: Minh Nguyen IGN: Theonlyminh Class: Bear
    6. Forum Name: Wadadida IGN: Wadadida Class: Bird
    7. Forum Name: Guest IGN: Fujian Class: Bird
    8. Forum Name: Lightzone IGN: Lightzone Class: Bear
    9. Forum name: Killinclaw IGN: Killinclaw Class: Bear
    10. Forum name: Gnomecide IGN: Gladiator Class: Bear
    11. Forum name: XghostzX IGN: Ghost Class: Mage
    12. Forum name: Ks_Leon IGN: Ozuwausafay Class: Bear
    13. Forum name: Traebeles99 IGN: Traebeles Class: Bird
    14. Forum name: Daueden IGN: Idevour Class: Bird
    15. Forum name: longshengsong IGN: akkillerrrrr Class: Mage
    16. Forum name: Durth IGN: Durth Class: Bird
    17. Forum name: JJXEJECT IGN: Jjxeject Class: Bird
    18. Forum name: Quickdeathxx IGN: Boombearxx Class: Bear
    19. Forum name: Noelle IGN: Yamatorowe Class: Mage
    20. Forum name: 25thninja IGN: Leiekueboz Class: Mage
    21. Forum name: Hahahahabirdy IGN: Hahahahabirdy Class: Bird
    22. Forum name: ctf IGN: Enemy Class: Bird
    23. Forum name: Troncaat IGN: Troncaat Class: Bear
    24. Forum name: Booked IGN: Booked Class: Bird
    25. Forum name: Isopure IGN: Isopure Class: Bear
    26. Forum name: Xvanitykingx IGN: Meleexprt Class: Bear
    27. Forum name: Grrrrimadoggy IGN: Grrrrimadoggy Class: Mage
    28. Forum name: imxoriginal IGN: Tank Class: Bird
    29. Forum name: Rushorgtfo IGN: Iamtla Class: Bird
    30. Forum name: Asicheenivy IGN: Rhinoasaurus Class: Rhino
    31. Forum name: onaskaanidar IGN: Fearonasking Class: Mage*
    32. Forum name: Troyonas IGN: Fearonasking Class: Mage*


    1st: Gnomecide
    2nd (Finalist): Rushorgtfo
    3rd (Semi Finalists): Grrrrimadoggy, Minh Nguyen
  2. Burningdex
    looks amazing

    550th post!!!!!!!!!!
  3. programmed
    Aww 75-76. If only I was capped instead of putting it off for so long...haha
  4. Schnitzel
    GL to participants
  5. Cheenivie
    Up to 5? Seriously? Don't you find that's low for a 2v2tournament? It takes less then 1minute to get that amount of kills.

    I'm gonna pass on this one...
  6. Rolocolo
    I'm gonna sign up.

    My ign is devilfinn and my partner is cheenivie, we're gonna rek the opposition
  7. Bilaxman
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheenivie View Post
    Up to 5? Seriously? Don't you find that's low for a 2v2tournament? It takes less then 1minute to get that amount of kills.

    I'm gonna pass on this one...
    My apologies! It was intended to be 1v1.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rolocolo View Post
    I'm gonna sign up.

    My ign is devilfinn and my partner is cheenivie, we're gonna rek the opposition
    Make sure you enter in the tournament section of the forums. You'll have to be on the desktop version or use your mobile browser then click view full site.
  8. Reunegade
    Bear will win
  9. Cheenivie
    Still find 5seems low but since it's 1v1 I'll enter
    Ign cheenivie
    Class: bear
    And if you're taking donations I'll donate 500k specifically for the winner.
  10. Constitute
    Can't wait to see who wins the plat and vanities! Good Luck all!

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