05-14-2005 07:00 PM [L41]: 8-bit Salute CTF Tournament

16 Team Single Elimination Tournament - Finished

Resilience Team A

I. Level Requirement: L41

II. Gear Requirement:
Certain gear will not be allowed. Please check tournament rules for more details.*

III. Tournament Description:
This tournament will consist of teams with 5 players on each team fighting a double elimination style bracket in a classic CTF tournament, where the objective is to be the first to score 5 flags before your opponent(s).
Matches will be played in the following fashion:
Before starting the match, both teams are required to meet in one spawn directly opposite to their opponent's spawn room.
1 player from each spawn room is required to stand outside of the opponent's spawn room to insure that no player is attempting to get a head start on capturing the flag.
There must be a screenshot of both teams acknowledging the match to begin. This screenshot MUST be posted on the tournament thread or PM'd to: Zeus or Remiem.
The final score must be captured and posted on both the tournament thread as well as PM'd to: Zeus or Remiem.

IV. Time of Tournament:
The tournament will begin as soon as all slots are filled. From the exact time the brackets are posted, you will have 1 week to find your opponent(s) and complete the match. An agreed time must be posted on the tournament thread with both team leaders acknowledging and agreeing to this time.

V. Scorekeeping:
Each tournament round will consist of 1 game where both teams are expected to fight to their fullest & be the first to capture 5 flags. Screenshots of the win must be posted on the tournament thread or PM'd to: Zeus & Remiem. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. If this is not completed, then it is as if the match did not even happen.

Once a win is confirmed, the winner will advance to the next bracket.

VI. Tournament Rules:
These will be the tournament rules & also the only way judges will be able to make a decision from. Without supporting evidence that a team or team member has broken the following rules, the judge will not be able to make a decision.

Disclaimer: *Upon entering this tournament, you and your team members have read each section of this thread & fully understand what is required to enter this tournament. Participants will also understand that failure to comply to any of the rules will result in their and possibly the team's immediate disqualification.

Without further adieu:

A team leader may have no more than 2 of the same class on his team.
Before starting the match, each team must regroup into ONE spawn that is directly across from where the other team's spawn location is.
Before starting the match, one player of each team must go near the enemy's spawn to insure that no team member is attempting to get a head start. (Yes, these team members that go explore are technically the only players that are allowed a head start)
No macros
No summoning/dismissing of stun pets. Pet swapping for mana IS allowed.
No trash talking during the entire time the tournament match & before/after the tournament match is taking place may occur. If any team player is found to be trash talking or behaving non-sportsmanlike, they will be disqualified and the team will not be allowed to sub in another player.
A team is allowed to have 3 subs (one for each active slot), but that sub may not qualify to play if there is 2 of the same class active in the team.*
A minimum of 5 players is required to enter the tournament. You do not need subs, but you are allowed up to 3. They all must follow the rules of the tournament.
Opposing teams facing each other MUST agree on a time & date to play. This must be done within 2 days of knowing who your opposing team is.
If a team does not meet on the time & date specified, they will be disqualified. (Under special circumstances, I will allow ONE re-trial to successfully meet up). If this means that team players have to stay up at a time inconvenient to them, so be it. There are sacrifices one must make for developer sponsored tournaments.
A screenshot of an agreeing time and date for each match-up must be posted AND PM'd to: Zeus or Remiem
If a team member goes AFK, it is up to the other team to decide wether to wait or not. However, sportsmanship and common courtesy will be appreciated.
Any drama/situations/disagreements once the tournament is in session must be PM'd to me. If any posts are made on the tournament thread, it will result in that player dropping out of the tournament.
There may be no more than 3 stun-related pets (this includes terrify & panic pets) on one team. This tournament will require variation.
Arcane pets will be allowed, but no more than 2 arcane pets will be allowed on the team.
2 Arcane weapon per team will be allowed.
Arcane Rings will not be allowed.
Mythic items will be allowed.
Only 1 arcane rarity item is allowed to be equipped. Meaning, if one has a Maul of Ollerus and Samael, they will have to choose which one to use.
Spawning or blocking off an opposing team's entrance will result in the entire team's automatic disqualification.
You must post the team you are registering with on the tournament thread and specify the equipment of each player.
One is not allowed to switch out team-members once the tournament has started, so, choose your teammates wisely.
A sub will not be allowed to participate in another team other than the team he is subbing for.
There may not be the same player of different teams.
Semi-Finals & Final matches will be evaluated based on best out of 3!
Something I was contacted about in game when a team was asking if they can switch weapons...For clarification, you ARE allowed to switch weapons BEFORE a tournament match. Once the match has started, you may not be allowed to switch it. Also, if you switch the weapon... you MUST update it in the team description.
This is a charity tournament, so all players MUST wear the 8 bit salute banner at ALL times.
If you hide the flag in your spawn room and abuse spawn bubbles in this manner, you will be disqualified without any further questions.
Refer to post #2 for a sample video.
Secondly, in light of some practices, pet changes will be allowed but they must comply to the 2 arcane pet, 3 stun pet rule. The reason being is this:
If you fight with a curse user mage and your team did not use misty as a pet, you are at a huge disadvantage the entire fight. Rather than saying that you should be at a disadvantage the entire fight, you will be allowed to change your pet. However, if you change your pet to a pet that breaks the existing rules, you will be disqualified. ANY RULES BROKEN MUST BE PROVEN WITH EVIDENCE OR THEY WILL BE CONSIDERED NULL.

*= Sub definition:

Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
I'm working on handling that!

Here's the final verdict on the class issue:
Remiem has decided to allow team changes and subs w/ multiple classes, but when the tournament starts the line-up is locked down. So, on the day the first battle happens, all team rosters will be locked down and subs must choose ONE class to compete with and the tourney will officially begin.

To those who weren't aware that I did not define sub being limited to one class earlier will now have the chance to adapt to that versatility. This will limit a sub's versatility but at the same time, it will allow people to account for unexpected circumstances.
Note: These rules are subject to change at any time before the tournament begins.

VII. Prizes:

500 platinum per player for the winning team.
200 platinum per player for the runner up.
Consolation platinum!
VIII. How to Register:
Participants will register through the following link:
Please note, a forum account is needed to register. You will need click the button "New Team" once clicking on the link above. Also, the team captain will also be required to register their team. In the team description, a team captain must list the following: team members, substitutes, class of each player, the pet each player & sub will be using, as well as the gear. Nobody other than the team captain can register the team & the team captain must be specified by posting on the thread. No team is made official until registering. Team captains should also post on the official tournament thread with their forum account and state their IGN. They are also required to state their team members IGNs that they will be playing on.

With that said...

Good Luck! May the games begin!

Tournament Details

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Maximum Team Members 999
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