02-15-2005 07:00 PM Pocket Legends 3v3 CTF Tournament - Endgame (75-77

8 Player Single Elimination Tournament - Finished


Hey Community - I decided to host a 3v3 CTF Tournament for the fun of it. I honestly don't know if this will get as much attention as I hope to, but I'm determined to have a completely filled up tournament.

Type: 3v3 CTF
Map: Rockwall Forts
Current Amount of Teams (may change): 8

Requirements to Join:
1) Must be level 75-77
2) Each team must consist of one Bear, one Mage, and one Bird (no foxes or rhinos)
3) Classes must use class-specific gear (Bear = Str; Mage = Int; Bird = Dex)
4) There will be one designated 'captain' per team. The captain is responsible for scheduling times and communication.

How to Join:
1) After finding your team of 3, the designated captain should click the following link: (insert link)
2) Scroll down to the bottom of bracket and select "Join Tournament"
3) In this thread, type out your team and designated captain. If you want a team name, then go nuts.

1) When the tournament starts, one team member will create a locked game on the map "Rockwall Forts" (I'm sure you're all very familiar with)
2) ALL team members before the match must say 'go' while remaining in their base. Any violation of this will result in a disqualification (screenshot needed for proof).
3) All games will be play one game - a total of 5 flag captures per game.
4) If a team member leaves the game due to lag, disconnecting, or for whatever reason, the game may continue regardless of how many people are there (but I always say, a little sportsmanship goes a long way).
5) The winning team must post a screenshot to this thread if they are to advance. The captain of the losing team may also state if they have lost.
6) All gear is permitted: that includes rings, founders, vanities, etc.
7) Players must use their same character throughout the entire tournament. If anyone switches characters during a match or for a new match, it will result in a disqualification.
8) Be respectful and have fun!
9) Any violation of rules, as well as cheating, unfair play, disrespectful manners, etc. may result in a disqualification to my discretion.


I want to emphasize that the PL community is not as active as it used to be. As a result, I will not put scheduling requirements for each game. It is your responsbility to get the matches in (and hopefully in a timely matter). I will be faciliating and checking in with teams. If midway through the tournament a team does not get a match in for a long time (to my discretion), then they will be disqualified. A team does not get their match in for the FIRST round in a timely manner, then a new team may enter and take their place.

As of now, there are no prizes. Donations are gladly accepted and all of it will go towards the winning team. I may contribute to a gold prize for the winning team, however.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me, leave a comment, or find me in game. IGN: Ghost

Current Teams:


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