02-22-2005 07:00 PM [L41 PvP Tournament]: iDeadshot

16 Player Single Elimination Tournament - In Progress

Hello all,

This is a tournament designed for L41 Rogues! Have you come to prove yourself? Sign up!

- No Arcane Rings
- Pet Allowed: Malison*
- Gear Allowed: Mythic Helm, Mythic Armor, Planar Pendant, Elo Bow/Frost Bow, Mythic Ring
- Please complete registration properly according to sample registration section.
- No Trash Talking
- No Spawning
- No Abusing Spawn Bubbles
- First to 20 Wins!
- Screenshot before match begins declaring it is an official match must be posted.
- Screenshot after match with final score announced by both players must be posted.
- Once a round begins, players will have 1 week to schedule a match with their opponent and fight.
- A screenshot of agreed match time for both players must be shown/posted in thread.
- Spectators must stay out of contestant's way. They will only be allowed to watch from within a spawn room.

Screenshots Required for Each Match:
- Screenshot of scheduled match time.
- Screenshot before match, declaring it as an official match
- Screenshot after match with final score announced by both players.

*= You are allowed to match arcane pets if both competitors have the EXACT SAME arcane pet. So, Samael for Samael, Nekro for Nekro, etc.

How To Register:
Click the following link:
- Go to bottom of page
- Click Join Tournament Link
- Post on Tournament Thread w/ your character name, forum name, pet, gear, and weapon.

- To Be Announced

Tournament Details

Type Single Elimination
Status In Progress
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Total Slots 16
Created 02-23-2015 03:18 PM
Created By Zeus
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Tournament Results

Round 1

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