06-24-2005 07:00 PM Official 3v3 CTF Tournament (lv. 80)

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16 Player Single Elimination Tournament - Awaiting Players

3v3 CTF Tournament (lv. 80)
Hello PL Community! After much talk about a hosting a PvP tournament, it is my pleasure to announce a 3v3 CTF tournament!

How to Join

1. Team up with two others players! Assign a designated captain who will be responsible for communication, scheduling and coordination.
2. The following classes are allowed: Bear, Bird, Mage. Rhinos and foxes are NOT allowed. Your team may consist of any combination of classes, so strategize wisely!
3. Once you have found your team, the team captain should do the following via forums:

A. Click this link here: (Will insert link shortly). Scroll down to the bottom and press "Join Tournament."
B. On this thread, post your team's IN GAME NAMES of the characters they will be using, their classes (bear, bird, mage), & identify the team captain.
C. NOTE: All team captains MUST have forum accounts. Any team using a team captain without access to forums will be disqualified. Communication is essential!

//Example Entry: Ghost (Mage) -- Captain, Ilovepotatoes (Bird), Kanitalisbesbird (Bear)

Rules (Read Carefully)
1. All matches will be played at Rockwall Forts.
2. All players must start in their respective spawn areas. Matches will be deemed as "unfair" if any team is caught getting a head start at the beginning of the match.
3. The match will begin once ALL players say "Go". The match may not begin until every player is ready.
4. The first team to 5 points will be the winner.
5. **The winning team must SCREENSHOT and POST the result of the match. Any team that fails to show proof of their winning match will not advance.
6. If during the match a teammate leaves, experiences lag, or disconnects (or any other reason of absence), THE MATCH MAY CONTINUE. (However, as a PL community we should value sportsmanship and respect. I suggest playing fairly...)
7. All items are accepted (3pc rings, Founders, etc.)
8. Any classes may switch gear during the match itself. Any players caught changing classes (i.e. from bear to bird) mid-match will be disqualified!
9. Please be respectful. I understand that everyone becomes very strict with the rules given the general nature of a tournament. I may disqualify any teams based upon my discretion, so please be mindful of others!
10. There are NO timed schedules to get in matches in -- all teams have the freedom to schedule and play matches whenever it works best. But any team that fails to play their matches in a convenient amount of time will be disqualified based upon my discretion. (Ideally, teams should have 1 week to get matches in).

May the best team win!

As of now, there are no concrete prizes. However, many have offered to donate gold (and potentially items). I will keep a list of all donations here (with the names of those who donate, too). I will distribute prizes to the winning team's captain, and it is up to the team to divide the prize gold among the team.

Prize Pool:



**Will be updated only once you have official entered (see "How to Join")

















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