• Pocket Legends wins Best App Ever in multiple categories

    We're honored and thrilled to win:

    - Best App Ever: MMO in both categories
    - Best App Ever: Multiplayer for iPad
    - Second place for the whole enchilada

    Thanks so much for your support!
    Comments 16 Comments
    1. Kingofhurtz's Avatar
      Kingofhurtz -
      Whoah!!!!!! Gratz STS. u guys deserve it!!! What all categories did it win in?
    1. Royce's Avatar
      Royce -
      Congratulations, it could not be more well deserved. And angry birds doesn't hold a candle to PL...
    1. Kirei's Avatar
      Kirei -
      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hear Hear^^^^^^^^^
    1. Vorgrims's Avatar
      Vorgrims -
      Ha not even the least bit suprised, great work.
    1. Physiologic's Avatar
      Physiologic -
      Congrats guys!
    1. thugimmortal's Avatar
      thugimmortal -
      Grats devs
      i knew that we could do it
      global recognition now

      I know you guys were gutted about the mashable awards but hopefully this makes up for it

      keep up the good work
      this game is awsome
    1. Yanis's Avatar
      Yanis -

      Thanks for the new antennae too!
    1. Sonnycz's Avatar
      Sonnycz -
      congratz...but I think that you are much better than Angry birds.
    1. BlazeMystic's Avatar
      BlazeMystic -
      Congratulations, you have created a real gem! Best wishes.
    1. chafedbm's Avatar
      chafedbm -
      Congrats. Hopefully this will bring more players (more revenue) and the game content can expand even more!
    1. Survivorfan's Avatar
      Survivorfan -
      woohoo nice job
    1. Kossi's Avatar
      Kossi -
      *furious clapping*

      i thought pocket frogs wouldve won, with all that spam
    1. Protank's Avatar
      Protank -
      I knew u guys had a good thing going back in April. very proud to be here to witness all your accomplishments. I really think it has everything to do with the best dev team ever in history! CONGRATS!
    1. giayuan's Avatar
      giayuan -
    1. InTeRcEpT007's Avatar
      InTeRcEpT007 -
      RIGHT ON!! I love it. Even for my phone which has a slow CPU it is still really fun to play! Maybe see if you and coke can team up and I could use my coke points to buy platinum that would be sweet. They really only have Pogo crap and ehh no good lol! CONGRATS y'all really deserved it!
    1. Otukura's Avatar
      Otukura -

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