• Massively awards Pocket Legends Best Free Smartphone Game of the Year

    Best Smartphone Title: Pocket Legends

    Did you really expect me to say anything else? The fact is that there is quite a large market of smartphone MMOs out there, and Spacetime Studios achieved what it did by starting out simple and working toward a simple goal: to allow players to enjoy a "real" MMO experience on a cellphone. It's helped to show people that gaming on a tiny screen is not only possible but quite enjoyable if the design is smart.

    I've had the pleasure of watching Spacetime Studios expand its list of titles to attract thousands of new players. I need good games to point to when I tell people, "No, really, you can play MMOs on a smartphone!" The cash-shop design is a mix of optional fluff and much needed potions and weapons. No wonder it's been able to release update after update.

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      woo! well deserved
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