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Thread: Pure's Flair Achivement Item Rental Service Shop...

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    Default Pure's Flair Achivement Item Rental Service Shop...

    Welcome to my shop post version 2.0. I have updated the information some but the process is still absolutely the same as before.

    My original vanity hat titles rental shop was a success.
    My expansion to include EVERY single item needed to complete all of the achievements on the flair tab was a success.
    And after more than a year being in business, I am still proudly providing this service to the players of Pocket Legends.

    There is ONE achievement on the flair tab that is impossible for me to offer. However, that achievement is not necessary to complete anything else on the flair tab. Please note that some other achievements can only be gained by collecting the entire group of achievements, indicated with GA (group achievement), that have the same background picture.

    The short answer is, I sell you the required items needed to complete the achievement then buy them back from you. We trade, you add the deposit amount and I'll add the necessary items. You then equip the items, remove them, and trade them back to me. Upon opening the trade screen, you add my items and I return your deposit amount minus my fee for allowing the use of my items.

    I require a deposit in order to rent my items to prevent scam attempts. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS! The deposit is equal to the current cost to purchase the items from the CS. The majority of your deposit gets returned to you when I get my items back. I do keep a small portion of the deposit for myself as my fee for letting you use the items to get the achievement. The list below will help you determine how much my fee will be.

    This is the list of all available flair tab achievements in the order that that are listed in game. Next to each achievement I listed the deposit amount required, followed by the amount you get back upon returning my items to me. If the achievement gives a title upon completion I have put GT (Grants Title) after the prices.

    Sultan of Stuff (REQUIRES Well Imbibed achievement - 40m deposit, 33m returned) GT, GA
    Trend Setter (REQUIRES Well Imbibed achievement - 6m deposit, 3m returned) GT, GA
    Shopping Spree (7m deposit, 4m returned) GT, GA
    Beast Master (6m deposit, 5.5m returned) GT, GA
    Zoned Out (35m deposit, 31m returned) GT, GA
    Hat Trick (5m deposit, 3m returned) GT, GA
    Arts and Crafts (35m deposit, 31m returned) GT, GA
    Rainy Day Blues (1.2m deposit, 1m returned)
    Night Cap (1.2m deposit, 1m returned)
    Gone Fishin' (1.2m deposit, 1m returned)
    Mariachi (1.2m deposit, 1m returned)
    Epic Solo (1.2m deposit, 1m returned)
    Rock and Roll (1m deposit, 800k returned)
    Well Imbibed (REQUIRES the 30 plat LOCO PLAYER'S DRANK elixer - 600k deposit, 400k returned)
    Chemistry 101 (650k deposit, 450k returned)
    Minothor (1.5m deposit, 1.3m returned)
    Bat Set Crazy (2m deposit, 1.8m returned)
    Blessing of the Blue Dragon (4m deposit, 3.8m returned)
    Glory of the Gold Dragon (8m deposit, 7.8m returned)
    Glow of the Green Dragon (4m deposit, 3.8m returned)
    Rite of the Red Dragon (4m deposit, 3.8m returned)
    Birthday Basher (3m deposit, 2.8m returned)
    The Happy Hatter (2m deposit, 1.8m returned) GT
    The Party of Persistence (2m deposit, 1.8m returned) GT
    The Celebrant Champion (10m deposit, 9.5m returned) GT
    O.C.D. (8m deposit, 7.8m returned) GT
    Pillager (2m deposit, 1.8m returned) GT
    Rainbow Hunter (2m deposit, 1.8m returned) GT
    El Bandito (2m deposit, 1.8m returned) GT
    Sultan of Swing (2m deposit, 1.8m returned) GT
    L'artiste (2m deposit, 1.8m returned) GT
    Gunslinger (2m deposit, 1.8m returned) GT
    DO NOT DISTURB (2m deposit, 1.8m returned) GT
    Off the Bat (600k deposit, 400k returned)
    Great Stake (300k deposit, 100k returned)
    Looking Fly (800k deposit, 600k returned)
    My Little Friend's (5m deposit, 4.8m returned)
    My Pet Min'taur (5m deposit, 4.8m returned)
    Dragon Daze (8m deposit, 7.8m returned)
    Doom Dealer (2m deposit, 1.8m returned)
    Vyxnaar Vengeance (5m deposit, 4.8m returned)
    Pet Rock (300k deposit, 100k returned)
    Swamp Stomper (1m deposit, 800k returned)
    Swamp Thing (1m deposit, 800k returned)
    Diamond in the Refuse (20m deposit, 19m returned)
    Enlightenment (35m deposit, 34m returned)
    Gone Batty (2m deposit, 1m returned)
    Tiki Chic (5m deposit, 4m returned)
    Under(World) Garmrents (4m deposit, 3m returned)
    The Retro Look (4m deposit, 3m returned)
    Shadow Blind (permanently unavailable, requires a 3 plat elixer, NOT needed for Sultan of Stuff)

    Prices for deposits are firm and are not negotiable!
    I have served many PL players with the very first version of my shop and even more with this current shop and I will continue to serve PL players for a long time to come.

    I want achievements! How can I contact you?
    Leave a reply here. I check this thread almost daily.
    You can also send me a private message in-game on any of my 10 characters. There names are Infinipure, Purebeak, Pureeyes, Pureears, Purehorn, Pureteeth, Purelightning, Puresupplies, Purestash, and Purecrafting.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I am looking forward to serving you.
    Click the "thanks" button to receive a one time only discount on any rental of your choice.
    Last edited by P u r e; 04-12-2020 at 08:55 PM. Reason: Added in 2020 birthday event title to achievement list.

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    New title/achievement now available!

    The Celebrant Champion achievement that grants the triple colored green/yellow/purple title BDAY Party Legend title is now in stock and available to rent.

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    Took a 3 week break from PL, I'm back selling again.

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