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Thread: Furtune Hunters Guild

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    Default Furtune Hunters Guild

    Fortune Hunters is a guild focused on both pve and pvp gameplay. We have a lvl 3 guild hall. We will be running numerous events, from pvp tournaments to charity and party events to dungeon speed runs. We are looking for officers to fill several roles, including pvp training, recruiting, and guild auctioneer (will get 15% commission on sales. Experienced or not, there's a place for everyone in the Fortune Hunters. No level limits on who can join. See you soon! Notice: New Members must join Guild Forum before joining guild in-game.

    Guild forum:

    Note to recruiters/officers: don't randomly invite people to join. Announce the the guild is looking for members, and add anyone who is interested.
    If anyone has extra items, you can donate them to the guild. Donated items will be sold to fund guild.

    Guild services/activities:
    Will organizing quarterly pvp tournaments. First one opens this September.
    Group speed challenge runs through dungeons (how fast can a group clear a dungeon? How fast can they do it with only abilities? And so on).
    Holiday charity events, item giveaway, RL charity fundraising.
    Loans to members. Members owe back the loan plus 10%. Must be member for one month before you can apply for loan.

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